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Programmatically Determining if Antivirus Is Running

Some corporate AV management tools (EPO for example) don't report when certain other vendors' AV software is installed/running.  Who cares?  Well, many software packages just won't install depending on your AV settings.  For instance, the SQL Server FILESTREAM functionality will actually hang the machine if certain AV products are installed.  Here is the connect bug I filed on the issue.  Where I work we actually install SQL Server as part of our product's installation routine so we can't guarantee what AV product the customer has installed.  You might think it would be simple to determine if AV is installed/running (a PowerShell script, a reg key, WMI query, etc)...well, you'd be wrong.  Here is what I learned and a little script that pieces it all together. 

ADSI programming...removing extra ProxyAddresses

I haven't done an ADSI programming in a very long time.  But I was asked today to write a script that would identify and delete all of the instances of extraneous smtp proxy addresses.  Formerly we used Lotus Notes and somewhere during the migration we had a bunch of garbage notes aliases added to everyone's Exchange proxy smtp addresses.  So, here's a simple vbscript that will identify and remove them.  Yes I know it could've been written as a PowerShell script, but when you are under the gun you use what is most familiar.  

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